Microtorrent and uTorrent is this same?

microtorrent utorrent

Like you know: uTorrent is are program and bitTorrent client from are bitTorrent company. This program very popular, all around the world people calc about 100 000 000 users wich use this software to download their wanted games, applications, movies or something like that. But why it called uTorrent? No. It called uTorrent, but a lot of people online wich torrenting, this software calling microtorrent. But why?


Microtorrent history

Why uTorrent someone call Microtorrent? Because its first uTorrent name. When this bittorrent software was released first name was: microtorrent. It was before 12 years, in 2015. Original developer of microtorrent was Ludvig Strigeus from sweden. Like you know sweden is like torrent birth country, couse sites like The pirate bay was launched in Sweden, so this europe country is pirate country. Im kidding yea. 🙂 🙂

so, microtorrent and uTorrent history is – Ludvig Strigeus launched this software and website in 2005 and in 216 it comes uTorrent that is history. 🙂

Microtorrent come popular couse it was very light weight, software did what it must did, it working, and working stable. So all the people while torrent come popular, start use one of the first software microtorrent, or uTorrent, call it how u want. Its are same software.

Few years ago, microtorrent got their opponent or how to say, i dont know, it called Vuze. They tryed beat on download speed, pc memory and etc.. but it didnt worked. uTorrent was better, thats why this program was popular most popular now, and name like vuze, no one know, yea? 🙂 So, when you got new pc, you writing to google, utorrent not vuze, for you torrent download like tv eries, music or other things wich you need.

How much microtorrent or uTorrent make money?


In early version developement team start doing some advertisements, they try show for us some ads, but like you know a lot of users of torrents use proxy, so this thing was not so good and not so profitable for utorrent team. In later versions uTorrent team try do some more ads include to the software, but it is not profitable too. They got 100 000 000 users, but how to make profit from it? No ones know, but they have some features in the web like, pro version, without ads version or something like that. But we can calculate how much they can earn with this huge list of users:

this software site get unique users everyday: just around 1 000 000

how may users comes to website every motnh: so, around 30 000 000 unique users

unique pageviews about: 45 000 000 every month, so every person wich come to the site, they download instant, or download after 1 click. 🙂

Okay, somehow we can try to make money, so wich countrys come most in the website:

  1. Rusia,
  2. Korea
  3. Brazil
  4. United states
  5. India

okay, countrys not so good, of corse usa best, but other, just wasting of traffic, but what we can do if torrents and torrenting is for poor countrys mostly, maybe bad word poor, i can say better, is smart countrys, wich for shit not paying, and trying download it for free. tey smart countrys, not poor, sorry.

so, like hypestat.com says, posible revenue is : daily $4,019.51, and monthly revenue: $120,585.30. Are these microtorrent or like you calling uTorrent making these sums? Its good question, noone knows. But, im author of this post and this sites article, i think no.